Electronic Product Design Services
Epsilon Labs
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What we do...
Epsilon Labs specializes in analog and digital circuit design, including PCB layout for prototypes and small quantity production runs. We can start with a concept and deliver a ready for manufacture prototype or just help your team with CAE documentation. During your development project, we can provide you with requirements analyses, system design, circuit design (analog, digital and RF), spice simulations, firmware development, schematic capture, PCB layout and fabrication, and parts procurement.

Who we are...
Epsilon Labs, managed by Jim Palumbo, is a small business (one to two people) that caters to other small businesses that are in need of electronic product design services. We have extensive analog, high speed digital, RF and DSP circuit design knowledge and have worked on a variety of products including medical, computer peripherals, test equipment, fiber optic, audio, digital video and communications just to name a few.

Proof of Concept Designs
Let's say you have a great idea, but need some hardware or a functional demonstration to line up investors, woo management or just prove that your product is viable. We can usually build a device from off the shelf components that performs some or all of your product's functions and for a fraction of the cost of doing a full product development. This is sometimes all you need to get a go/no-go indication from those concerned (or the universe) that your product is indeed marketable.